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On The Walker Fireside Chats, my posts are categorized based on the following labels. Click on any of the hyperlinks to see your chosen series!

Beauty Bites

Here I talk about anything beauty related: makeup tutorials, Hall of Fame products and more!

DIY Adventures

I'm not a Pinterest Queen, but I try anyway. These posts discuss the projects and products I have tried with results, good or bad.

From Cook to Chef 

To me, there's a difference between a cook and a chef: one reads recipes, the other creates. These posts discuss my journey to becoming a chef with my always-willing taste tester husband, Jared.

God's Provision

My faith in God plays a major role in my life. In these posts, I share the circumstances and people I have encountered only thanks to God's provision.

It's the Little Things in Life

This is my motto in life. I truly believe it's the little moments which make you happiest, and I discuss my moments here.

Let Me Tell You About... 

I think this is my favorite series! Here I share the outrageous things which happen in my life.

Life of a Medial Wife

My husband Jared is a medical resident. Here I share a REALISTIC view of what it's like.


Some posts just won't fit anywhere else! All the fun "extra" posts end up here.