Friday, May 5, 2017

Chapter Two: Life After Medical Training

Jared, Henry and I would like to announce the location of our Chapter Two: Life After Medical Training...Texas! We will be moving back to Texas the last week of June. Jared will be working in a hospital in Seguin, Texas, near San Antonio, and we will be living about 30 minutes away in San Marcos. Announcing this move officially is beyond surreal. After 11 (yes 11!) years of schooling and training, it feels surreal that our family will finally live with no deadlines looming over our heads.

It has taken me awhile to settle upon some words that will adequately describe how Jared and I are feeling at the end of our training journey. The one sentence that sums it up is, we did it! And yes, we did do it. Together we tackled benchmark tests, long periods of time apart and tight finances to reach this point. We sacrificed more than I care to write about in order to reach this dream, all so my incredibly compassionate, intelligent and gifted husband can heal others in the time of their greatest need. One of the thoughts that has given me the greatest comfort during Chapter One: Medical Training is knowing that whenever Jared leaves me, he is going to the aide of someone else who needs him more at that time.

I think a sentence that sums up this journey better than we did it! is WE did it! And by WE, I mean the countless people who have come alongside us during this journey in support of the dream.  WE includes our families who sacrificed so we could even get started on this journey, who have loved us from afar and always made sure we had everything we needed. WE includes the friends here in Jacksonville who included us in their holiday celebrations when we had no where else to go and who helped us during our times of need. WE includes the other resident families who checked on us and understood when we wanted to give up, but served as a reminder of the ultimate goal. If nothing else, medical training teaches you to have a long-term perspective on your life!

But the most important WE in this equation is none other than God Himself. Looking back now, I see the hand of God guiding us along the path and making a way when there was none. One of my favorite stories of God's provision during Chapter One is when Jared needed to find away rotations before he started applying for emergency medicine residency programs. Jared applied just like he should have, and then we waited for invitations to arrive. One week, two weeks, three weeks and nothing! Jared started to get worried and wondered if he would have to change specialities or give up altogether. 

But I had this great feeling of peace in my heart that no, emergency medicine was Jared's calling and God would provide. Sure enough, not long after, Jared got two invitations for away rotations. We were also able to find good friends and family to house Jared during those weeks away, which was a tremendous blessing for us poor medical school folk. Not only did God open the door, but He provided a way. And that is just ONE example during Chapter One of God's provision.

Chapter Two still feels far away even though it is so near. More than anything, I am excited for the TIME Jared and I will have together. We have spent at least half, if not more, of our marriage apart, so having this time now with him feels like I won the lottery many, many times over. When I think of leaving Jacksonville though, my heart hurts. So many of the people in our WE are here, these people who have loved us like their own families. God made a way for us in Jacksonville, and I know He will again in Texas.

Here's to Chapter Two: Life After Medical Training!