Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Pentecostal Shepherd

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This past weekend, I helped with the children's Christmas play at my church called "Hark the Herald Angel". It was an adorable affair filled with sweet children, music and beautiful sets. I've never seen a church commit so wholeheartedly to their drama team! I mean look at the fantastic set in the picture above...that's a hand-painted backdrop and real hay! We covered the middle "heaven" portion with batting to look like clouds. As a member of the church drama team and a lover of theatre in general, it makes my heart happy to see things like this.

Last year when we did a dinner theatre show with a nautical theme, some church members built a set like a cruise ship complete with railings. I was so impressed, and still am, with the talents at Southpoint Baptist. These people so willingly give from the gifts God gave them.

For the Christmas play, I was asked to help finalize the set decoration and wrangle the little ones during the dress rehearsal and show. In a genius move, the little children played the characters from the nativity scene. I mean, how cute is that??? A lady from the church sewed all the nativity costumes. The sheep in particular were ADORABLE! I wish I could post a picture, but I didn't think posting a picture of other people's children would be appropriate...but trust me on the sweetness! The sheep wore white zip-up suits with hoods, plus black socks on their hands and feet to look like hooves. Oh man, it was cute.

During the final scene when the angels were singing the finale song, one of the little shepherds on the stage hopped up and started dancing to the music. Of course, his enthusiasm stole the show. Our pastor lovingly referred to him as a "Pentecostal shepherd" during his final words. I thought, if Pentecostals are like this, maybe we Baptists should take some notes! There is nothing better than watching a little child express their love for life. That little boy loved the music so much, he couldn't help but move. I thought how much of that enthusiasm adults lose as we slog through the responsibilities of life.

There's no better time than Christmas to recapture some of that childhood love for life. The twinkling lights, piping hot chocolate and food your mom used to make create a time warp we can all jump in. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I think we can all take a lesson from the Pentecostal shepherd and take a moment to enjoy the blessings God gives. Those blessings are there, if we will only take a moment to dance!