Monday, November 2, 2015

Trunk or Treat

Confession: I am not really a fan of Halloween. I just think the world is scary enough, why devote a holiday to celebrating gore and fear? Thankfully, though, there is a lighter side to Halloween I can enjoy with candy, happy children and costumes. This year, Jared and I decided to celebrate Halloween by participating in our church's annual Trunk or Treat.

I had never heard of Trunk or Treat before moving to Jacksonville, but it's mobile trick or treating! At our church, members decorated their car trunks with a theme and invited the community to trick or treat. Jared and I went with a 50's Sock Hop Party theme.

Ready to start our party!
My handsome date to the Sock Hop...he played some "Grease" soundtrack for me! Of course, I had to sing along and teach him the hand jive

We had a "Greased Lightning" theme going on, plus a cute tray shaped like a record for candy

We estimated 300+ people came through the Trunk or Treat, so I would call that a success! I wish I could have gotten more pictures of some of the other amazing trunks...I think this is my new favorite Halloween tradition. Residency doesn't give you the luxury of time together, but it does help you savor the special moments. This is one of my favorite residency memories with Jared.