Saturday, October 24, 2015

Junior Year


Jared and I are almost halfway through the second year of residency.

It's wild to meet the new interns and realize my husband helps supervise them, because he has a year of experience under his belt. (In the real world, a year of experience wouldn't translate to a supervisory role. Boy, the medical world sure operates differently! You can't even imagine how many hours of work are packed into a year of medical experience...). We are reaching the time when we have to start asking ourselves questions about the future like, where do we want to go? What do we want our family to look like? What is the next step?

These are all questions for our Junior Year.

For me, Junior Year has brought the opportunity to change course. I worked at a hospital as the surgical liaison, ensuring communication flowed smoothly between the surgery department and surgeons to patient family members, for about a year. Then when I saw Jared for 30 minutes in five days one week, it became very obvious this schedule no longer worked for our family. Jared usually works during the weekends and is off randomly during the week, which means I never saw him. One day, it became abundantly clear that time is more precious than money at this point in our lives.

So I quit. I miss the relationships I built at the hospital, but I still volunteer at the front desk there so I can interact with the people I love. If the traditional career path is not ideal right now, then what am I doing? (I get that question a lot!).

I decided to go back to school and pursue a graduate degree in Human Resources. I have a bachelor's degree in Public Relations, and Human Resources seemed like the next logical place for my career to go. I am going to do an online program through the University of Texas at Tyler for the flexibility and the credibility of the University of Texas name (I'm still a Red Raider to the core though!!!). I start classes in the spring. I am nervous to go back to school, but also ready for the opportunity to invest in my personal growth and interests. Sometimes I feel like Megan gets a little lost on this journey to become a doctor, so I am doing something about it.

What does this increased flexibility get me? Well, for one thing, it allows family trips to the beach. It's easy to be a good photographer when the backdrop is so flawless!!

While I no longer operate in the blogosphere per se, I am really interested in turning this blog into a way to update people on the Walkers. Some of my favorite blogs are written by my friends about their lives. It lets me keep up with them in this busy world!

So look for more updates from the Walkers. Here's to Junior Year!