Monday, November 17, 2014

Just Say Yes

You may have noticed a distinct lack of content on The Walker Fireside Chats lately. Well, this inactivity is due to some intense thinking I have been doing as I reach a distinct crossroad in my life. Jared and I are on the precipice of the next chapter of our lives together. It's a very exciting time. We're starting to think about our future family and what that looks like. We're starting to think about where his career will take us in the future once he finally finishes training.

God has also been working on my heart lately to Just Say Yes. For one reason or another, I have closed myself off to a lot of experiences over the years. I think the main reason is fear. God jerked me right out of my comfort zone when we moved from Texas to Florida. Despite my initial resistance, I can't help but acknowledge that God has prepared the perfect place for both Jared and me in Florida.

For one thing, God prepared the perfect job for me, which I originally wrote about here. Even though I loved my last job at Texas Tech University, I have never felt so fulfilled as I do in this position. Being able to make a small difference in people's lives as they go through a difficult time fulfills me in a way no other job ever has. God also put so many incredible people in my path, who have taught me invaluable lessons about the art of compassion and embracing people just as they are. I have such a deep respect for the medical professionals who sacrifice everything to heal others.

God also prepared the perfect place for me at Southpoint Baptist Church. I went through a period in my life where I stopped attending church, namely because I couldn't find a place to accept me. And I wasn't willing to keep being rejected. While I don't think my choice to stop attending choice was the absolute right one, all I can do is be honest. When Jared and I learned we were moving to Florida, we vowed to let God lead us to the right church. And lo and behold, He did!

We actually found Southpoint by accident. One of my friends told me about a church called Southpoint. When I looked it up online, I came across Southpoint Baptist. Well, it turns out there is another church close by called Southpoint Community, which is the one she initially described. But once I attended SBC, I knew I had found God's place for me.

Attending SBC has opened doors I haven't crossed through since high school. I received the opportunity to join the SBC Drama Team when a spot opened up in their recent dinner theatre. Everyone, from the drama team to the audience, really embraced me. I can't tell you how many people have come up to me and complimented me on the small role I had in the production.

The cast of our latest production, the SS Gigantic! Photo courtesy of our co-director, Sharon
Joining the drama team really filled a hole I have had in my life since high school. I used to participate in theatre all the time. I won medals at competitions and immersed myself in the whole process. I had no idea how much I missed it. I was hesitant at first about flexing my rusty thespian skills, but God tugged on my heart to Just Say Yes.

Now our director is preparing the Christmas pageant, which involves children and youth as well. I got involved late in the process, but I was offered a solo to open the pageant. I haven't sang since...high school! The fact our director would trust me is another sign from God I should Just Say Yes. In addition, I got invited to join the choir. Again, Just Say Yes!

I may not be the best actress or singer in the world. Heck, I'm no Angela Lansbury or Susan Boyle. But God did give me some small measure of talent, and I'm going to use it to serve Him. I'm tired of sitting in the sidelines and denying myself something which actually makes ME very happy as well.

So tell  me...what in your life requires you to Just Say Yes?