Monday, October 13, 2014

The Power of Thank You...Revamped

I have written before about the Power of Thank You. But I experienced its impact in a whole new way last week.

When you work in industries which serve people directly, sometimes you feel like all you receive are complaints. Complaints can be valuable constructive criticism a business needs to improve. But the majority of the time, in my experience, people complain just to complain, usually about things no one can control. 

I recently started a new job at a hospital called St. Vincent's Southside. We have comment cards patients and families can use to leave complaints or compliments about the service they received. I had the sweetest man fill out a card in front of me, because he wanted me to personally know what great service he received. I was so touched. I know my coworkers work tirelessly to take care of patients and their families. I have seen so many instances of people going above and beyond, even after only two weeks of working there.

I can't tell you how much it meant for that man to take the time to say thank you. So next time you receive excellent service, don't hold it in. Make sure you take the time to email human resources or call the main office number and let those people know what a fantastic job they are doing! Few people besides our mothers tell us what a wonderful job we do, so bless someone's life with your words.

Just say...