Thursday, October 16, 2014

One Happy Thing: Bizarre Food...Memories

New to One Happy Thing? Read about the purpose and intent behind this series here!

After I recently rediscovered one of my absolute favorite foods this week (One Happy Thing!), it got me thinking about Bizarre Foods.


Ever since I started watching this show, the host Andrew Zimmern has been such a culinary inspiration to me. He travels the globe tasting food from all different cultures. What I admire most about Andrew Zimmern is his courage. He doesn't care how weird a food may sound to our American culture. His rule is, take two bites before you decide not to like a food.

One of my favorite segments from this show is when he occasionally brings traditional American foods for children in other countries to try. I will never forget the disgusted face a little boy from South America made when he tried peanut butter!

Really, that puts life in perspective. Often, our preferences are based just on that: perspective. 

So I got to thinking, are there any bizarre foods I love? I didn't think so until I discovered sliced cantaloupe at Trader Joe's this past weekend. Growing up, we ALWAYS had cantaloupe for snacks at my mimi's house. We would put salt and pepper on the cantaloupe to make it extra tasty.

Now this is common practice at my parents' house, and I've always grown up with this, so I didn't realize how strange it was until a coworker said, "what is on your cantaloupe????"

When I told her, she thought it sounded disgusting!

I also like to put chili powder on my cantaloupe thanks to an experience I had in high school. One summer, my church youth group volunteered at a hispanic Baptist church during their summer Vacation Bible School. For snack, the church offered various fruits with salt and chili powder. I didn't like the idea of chili powder on cantaloupe at first (where's the pepper???), but I decided to try it because there wasn't another option.

Believe it or not, I loved it! The spicy chili powder is a great compliment to the sweet melon. When I told my coworker this, she thought that also sounded disgusting : )

So let me ask you...

What bizarre foods do you love? And what is your One Happy Thing from the week???