Monday, October 6, 2014

One Happy Thing #5: The Good Parts of Residency

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So...I've been pretty open on this blog about my utter disdain for residency.

With that being said, I've been working over the past year to teach myself the power of perspective. Sometimes looking at a situation in a different light automatically makes it manageable, if not immensely better.

Even though residency hasn't exactly been fair to me over the past three months, I'm going to take the high road and be honest: residency isn't all bad. I know, shocking, right? Especially after how I've been talking about it!

The truth is, there ARE good things about residency. And like so much in life, residency is what you make it. So here are FOUR happy things about residency:

New People and Experiences

I'm a bit of a homebody, if you haven't figured that out about me. I don't adjust well to change. Residency has dragged me kicking and screaming into new experiences, and I am actually grateful. I have met some wonderful people I probably never would have encountered without residency.

I also get a little taste of my dream to live on the beach here in Jacksonville. Thanks, residency...

Making Marriage Stronger

Jared and I have never struggled so hard as we have during residency, both emotionally and mentally. Sometimes we are so exhausted, all we can do is collapse at the end of the day. But residency has caused us to depend more on each other and serve each other in ways we never had to before. In fact, residency inspired a marriage post for me! Would I have learned these lessons without this experience? Probably not...

Time to Experiment

During medical school, I worked at a job I loved to support my family. Once I had to leave that job, I had the rare opportunity to really examine where I wanted my career to go moving forward. Not many people get to make such a drastic change. Since Jared started working, I had time to track down my next dream job. How many people get to say the same??? I must grudgingly thank residency for that opportunity.

I also had LOTS of time on my hands to try things I never had the time to do before like homemade laundry detergent and DIY monogrammed wood slices. This will sound rather geeky, but I also completed two beloved Assassin's Creed games again, I never had time to complete before (that's for you, Megan Kubasch! : )

A Washer and Dryer

Yes, this is definitely One Happy Thing! I lived EIGHT YEARS (including college) without a washer and dryer. Jared and I went THREE YEARS scrounging quarters to do our laundry at our apartment complex's laundromat. It was AWFUL. No One Happy Things about that experience. But moving and earning more money has allowed us this oh so sweet luxury.

I will never live without a washer and dryer again, y'all.

What One Happy Things have emerged from a difficult experience in your life?