Friday, September 12, 2014

One Happy Thing: A Happy Announcement, Part II

In Part I of my One Happy Thing announcement, I shared my journey to gainful employment. Make sure you catch up here before Part II!

Yesterday I mentioned when the job search became futile, I decided to return to my roots and volunteer. Volunteering has always been something I enjoyed. I volunteered at an assisted living home in middle school and participated in PALS during high school, a leadership organization which put a lot of emphasis on volunteering. In college, I joined a co-ed service fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega and spent four of the happiest years of my life serving the Lubbock, Texas, community. 

Serving others helps provide clarity, because it takes the frustrated focus off yourself. It opens your mind to the wider world and provides exposure to opportunities you wouldn't normally receive. Volunteering definitely came through for me again.

I decided to volunteer at a hospital right down the road from my apartment called St. Vincent's Southside. I filled out an online application and received a call from the volunteer coordinator, Melissa, about 10 minutes later. The next day, I had an interview with her. Melissa showed me the available opportunities, including the most coveted spot: the surgical waiting and patient information desk. Fortunately, a spot just opened, so I decided to take this task because it would allow me to interact closely with patients and their families. The open spot was one of the first blessings God gave me at St. Vincent's.

During my first shift, Melissa introduced me to the director of the PACU, the department which cares for patients once they come out of surgery. The director invited me to shadow their surgical liaison, the "face" of the PACU to families, so I could gain more experience. Melissa was stunned, because the director had apparently never offered this opportunity to anyone in the past. Blessing number two! I definitely took advantage of her offer, if for no other reason than to learn something new.

But wouldn't you know it, my first volunteer day, the current surgical liaison turned in his resignation so he could retire. When I shadowed him, I loved what I saw. He was responsible for keeping families in the loop and keeping track of patients as they progress through the PACU. He also builds relationships with nurses and doctors to ensure everything runs smoothly. It was my dream job.

With Melissa's encouragement, I applied for the position once it was opened. I had an interview the next week and was offered the job the next day! I am just so thrilled to be a part of the St. Vincent's Southside and work with the nurses and doctors who are so integral to patients' health.

So what did God teach me through this job search process? God had a plan for me. Once I quieted my frustration and listened, everything fell into place so easily. God put incredibly kind people in my path who ministered to me and cared for me. I will start my new job at the end of September, and I couldn't be more thrilled!