Thursday, September 18, 2014

One Happy Thing #4: Combating the Time Thief

Residency is a time thief. 

You feel like there is so little time to connect as a couple and a family.

But then...One Happy Thing occurs, and you are given an extraordinary gift of a whole day to revel in the company of your loved ones.

That's what the Walkers did last week when Jared had a day off during a tough emergency medicine rotation. It was much needed relaxation for the whole family! 

Jared and I have taken Henry to the beach a couple of times before, and he HATED it! I think the ocean looked like a giant bath to him. But after seeing this beautiful view...

...I think even Henry changed his mind. He spent the day digging in the sand and carrying seashells in his mouth.

When you find moments of oasis like this, it is certainly One Happy Thing.

What is your One Happy Thing?