Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Welcome Week 2014: Fall Means...Flashback

It's day three of Fall Welcome Week 2014! I'm partnering with these 18 lovely ladies to bring you a fun week of themed content:

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Here at The Walker Fireside Chats, we've been discussing Fall Means...

I've already shared how Fall Means friends and family to me. What happens when you get friends and family together? You share memories, of course. Some of my favorite memories happened in the fall.

How about that first football game of the season, when the air is crisp and cool? Back in 2008, Texas Tech beat one of our biggest rivals, the University of Texas, is a spectacular last-minute touchdown. It remains one of my favorite football memories ever!

Throwback 2008 photo!
Another favorite fall memory? Picking up the newest member of the Walker household...Henry! I've shared this story before, but talk about one of the BEST fall memories.

Tiny puppy Henry!
Let's not forget one of the biggest events of the fall...a new school year! It's been four years since I last attended school, which is hard to believe. I remember my first night in the dorms at Texas Tech University my freshman year. One of the hardest parts? Not having someone else to feed me! I lived my whole life previously sitting at the dinner table and eating what someone else had prepared. Now, it was all up to me. It's one of the reasons I finally had to learn to cook...

What memories does fall hold for you?

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