Monday, August 18, 2014

The Other Magical Kingdom

The quest for furniture continues at the Walker household. Since we need pretty much everything on a budget, acquiring furniture requires patience and creativity on my part. Actually, I love purchasing furniture this way because it forces me to think outside the box. And use Pinterest a lot : )

Last week, Jared and I made the trek to that magical blue and yellow kingdom known as Ikea. We have never lived close enough to one to visit before, so we took advantage of the opportunity. The nearest Ikea to us is in Orlando, Florida, which is about two and a half hours away. When I told my friend Stephanie about our trip to Orlando, she said, "oh you're going to Disney???"

I said, "um no...Ikea". Haha, definitely the other magical kingdom!

Once we arrived at Ikea, Jared and I were on the hunt for nightstands. It is been the most annoying first-world problem EVER to not have a nightstand. For one thing, there is no where to put my lamp, which means when Jared is ready to go to sleep, I have to turn off the light. There's also no where to put my phone or chapstick, either.

I certainly could have ordered a nightstand online, but I have reservations about that because products online rarely appear the same in reality. I wanted to see the Ikea nightstands in-person. Plus, it was a good excuse for Jared and I to see a new part of Florida.

After meandering our way through two floors of products, Jared and I bought our nightstands. I put them together and they look great in our bedroom! I'm still in the process of decorating, so once things are more complete, I'll to a bedroom tour on a budget!

What's your favorite purchase from Ikea?