Thursday, August 14, 2014

One Happy Thing #3: A Positive Job Search Experience

This past week, a very One Happy Thing occurred. I actually had a positive experience when it came to the job search. It's no secret how discouraging the job hunt can be, and I have had some pretty devastating experiences. It is so hard to be told you are not good enough, even when you have all the qualifications for the position. It is hard to watch a potential employer as they pretend to be interesting in asking questions, but they have already dismissed you in their minds.


But this week, I finally had a potential employer who was IMPRESSED with my resume! She even said so during our interview. She said, "it's great you have done so many things!" I was so grateful for her appreciation, because I have worked hard in my education and career to be the best I can be. To have someone recognize that for a change was just so refreshing.

I may or may not get this job. But even if I don't, I can remember that potential employer's appreciation and hope someone else who is willing to hire me will think the same thing.

That is One Happy Thing, y'all!

Here are some other bloggers who shared their One Happy Thing with me this week...


OHT 3 Jenna

Jenna from A Savory Feast (and the other host for Hump Day Happenings!) said:

"I got to have lunch with my family(including the newlyweds who just got back from their honeymoon) on Sunday to celebrate my little brother's birthday. We don't all get together very often, so it's always a fun time".


OHT 3 Megan

"I am going to start organizing and decorating my office to make it my own little relaxation room. I am hoping to combine a feminine and floral style with inspirational quotes and sayings to help me stay motivated and inspired".

Thanks for sharing with me, ladies!

What is your One Happy Thing from the week? Share below!