Thursday, August 7, 2014

One Happy Thing #2: A Day Off!

I got such a great response from One Happy Thing last week! Obviously, this series is not a unique thought, but I find it's still an important topic to discuss in the midst of life's trials and difficulties.

So here's my One Happy Thing for the week...

Just when I was feeling at my loneliest, Jared took a day off from his current rotation so we got a whole day and a half to spend together as a little family. He took it off for him, but he also took it off for me. What a man!

Here are a few others who agreed to share their One Happy Thing.

OHT 2 Anna

Anna from The Beauty Section said:

1. I'm drinking a Coke out of a glass bottle (so much better that way) 
2. I'm wearing a brand new shirt that I got in the mail yesterday! 
3. It feels great outside and it's the first day of August (and that equals HOTTT)

OHT 2 Suzanne

Suzanne from Chapter Two said:

She got her hair cut, and that always feels good!

Thank you ladies for sharing your One Happy Thing!

Make sure you share your One Happy Thing from the week below! I would also love to share your One Happy Thing in a future post, so let me know if you are interested.