Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let Me Tell You About...the Vet and the Hair Salon

One of the hardest parts of moving is finding new services, specifically doctors and hair salons. It feels like once you finally find a great service provider, you have to leave them! This is the situation I found myself in after moving to Jacksonville. This past week, I tackled this challenge in two ways: I found a vet for Henry and a hair salon for me. Let's talk about Henry first.

The Vet

In the past, I have discovered the best way to get recommendations for service providers is to ask people who already live there. Sadly, this hasn't been quite as easy in Jacksonville because I don't know anyone from here! But at the dog park in our apartment complex, I did meet a girl who had a new puppy. I figured she must have gone to the vet recently, so I asked her. She recommended Pet Doctor's of America, so I looked them up. Henry was due for his annual exam and vaccinations, which can be an expensive visit, so I emailed them first to get a price quote.

I was impressed by the friendly tone and useful information I received in the email, so I decided to schedule an appointment for Henry. Of course, I probably could have visited a mobile clinic to get his vaccinations done, but since my puppy son is prone to disaster (as evidenced here and here), I wanted to establish care at a vet office. You just never know with this pup.

Here's how Henry felt about going to the vet:

Those eyes are calling for help, poor thing
The vet office was much happier to see him:

They were laying it on thick, but hey, I was still impressed!
After one blood withdrawal, two shots, one spray up the nose and two probes up the back end, poor Henry was done. I was very impressed with our experience, so I will be back!

The Hair Salon

I have shared previously about my hair cut horror story, so I don't take finding a hair salon lightly. In fact, I was downright terrified. But with my thick hair weighing me down in the Florida humidity like a blanket I couldn't take off, I just had to do something. So I turned to Yelp, one of the most useful tools when moving to a new place (not a product placement, by the way, just the truth!). One salon in particular called Hawthorn Salon had 5.0 ratings on both Yelp and Google, so I thought that was a good sign. I also looked at their Web site and was impressed all the stylists had really nice hair. I think it is hardest to do your own hair well, so I was encouraged enough to make an appointment.

When I went to the salon, I was very impressed by the decor and service. Also, there were so many beautiful people there!!! I thought, this must be a good place to get beautified myself : ) My stylist impressed me immensely with her knowledge. She accurately diagnosed my hair problems, listened to my wishes and then proposed a solution I was very happy with. Here's the result!

Question: why can I never get my hair to look the same as the salon???

How have you found service providers in a new place?