Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Laundry Day!

Most people cringe when laundry day arrives, but here in the Walker household, two members in particular LOVE laundry day: Henry and me. For me, laundry is one of those little things in life I just adore.

When Jared and I lived in Lubbock, we did not have our own washer and dryer. The process of doing laundry was so inconvenient and tedious, we often went two weeks (or more, if we could), before finally giving in. To do laundry, we had to go to a local car wash and get quarters. Then we had to haul all the dirty clothes to the apartment complex laundromat. Our complex also liked to slowly increase the prices, so it got more and more expensive to have clean clothes. To add insult to injury, the laundromat machines didn't even get our clothes very clean. Whenever I would (without shame) do laundry at a family member's house, I noticed our clothes always appeared much cleaner.

Henry is actually the one who changed my mind about laundry day. For some reason, Henry has loved laundry from the very first moment we brought him home. Whenever we would start gathering dirty clothes, Henry would get excited and start running around the apartment. When we would dump the clean clothes on the floor in order to fold them, Henry would park himself right on top of the pile. Sometimes he would even roll around, just enjoying the warm fabric against his body.

Now maybe I shouldn't have let a dog roll around on my clean clothes, but I just couldn't bring myself to disrupt Henry's obvious joy of laundry. 

One of the requirements Jared and I had for our new apartment in Florida was a washer and dryer. Non-negotiable. Now that we have them, laundry day is a pleasure for me as well. I love putting in loads while I'm doing other things rather than having to stop my life to wash clothes. I love not having to hunt quarters down. I also love having clean clothes whenever I want rather than waiting until we had time to do laundry.

What chore do you secretly love?