Friday, July 25, 2014

#ShareBeauty My Beauty Story

Fortunately I progressed from this silly attempt here!

My good blog friend Anna at The Beauty Section recently wrote an incredible post sharing her beauty story. I love hearing about people's journey through life, so her post inspired me to share my own!

I shared previously how puberty was not kind to me. My body suddenly started doing things it never had before, like frizzy hair and acne. I was pretty low maintenance before, as in my mom had to threaten me to wash my hair, so this change came as a shock.

Make up and hair finally started clicking for me when I became seriously involved in theatre in high school. Productions required me to have elaborate hair and make up, styles I would never wear normally, but I still learned skills I could apply in my every day life. I learned about the magic of hair straighteners and eyeliner. Also how to blend foundation under your jaw and what shades of make up looked best on me.

After seeing the transformation I could undergo with make up, I started doing my own research. I read about new techniques and products in magazines and watched videos on YouTube. I also got the courage to do some experimentation, which helped me hone my skills even further.

Today, I no longer feel the need to use make up as a means to create confidence. Sometimes I like going without make up! Much less hassle. But I still smile every time I draw on a cat eye and drool over the beautiful blushes at Ulta. The world of beauty can be so fun and freeing, y'all!

What's your beauty story?