Monday, July 28, 2014

One for the Win Column

Let me preface this post by saying job searching stinks. It's like going on a series of blind dates where the date doesn't even show up most of the time.

I've been in a low place lately because the job search is not going so well. I've had three soul crushing rejections already, and it makes continuing the hunt like crawling on the altar to be sacrificed.

But this post is not about the job hunt. It's about scoring one for the win column. When you're at a low place in life, you have to commemorate any win you can get. After all, if there's one thing I have learned as a medical wife, it's that perspective matters when you are feeling sad.

Speaking of the hunt: the hunt for furniture continues! After purchasing a couch and a TV stand, the next item on my list was a dresser. Jared and I have been living out of suitcases since we moved to Jax, and we were ready for some clothing storage. After considering our budget, I had my heart set on the Ikea Hemnes dresser. I loved the clean, contemporary lines and the roomy drawers. I originally wanted the gray-brown color you see above, but they don't sell it online. I settled on the white version instead.

A couple of nights ago, I was on the Ikea Web site trying to get an idea of how much the dresser would be after taxes and shipping. All of the sudden, the Web site said the white dresser was not available online either!!! The nearest Ikea is two and a half hours away, not exactly a short trek for a piece of furniture, so I felt defeated. Yet another defeat.

I finally prayed and asked God to give me a sign. I felt guilty for doing so, because who am I to ask the God of the universe for proof of anything, but I felt so defeated. I just needed something to prove good things would come with time, if I had the patience to wait for them.

Before bed, I looked on the Jax Craigslist to see if anything of interest had been posted. Lo and behold, the original dresser I wanted for less than half the price had been posted. I immediately texted the seller to express my interest. The next morning, the seller told me two other people were interested and would be coming to look at 11 a.m. I quickly set up my own appointment, got ready and ran out the door.

Unfortunately, I got lost on the way thanks to my GPS confusing north and south. Why is GPS so faulty when you need it to work??? I even stopped a girl walking her dog on the street to ask for help. Finally, I found the seller's apartment and inspected the dresser. It was in perfect condition, exactly what I needed. I paid her right then as the next interested buyer pulled up.

Jared and I don't have a truck, so the next task was to figure out how to get it home. Jared was a saint and helped me rent a Penske truck for our prize. After three flights of stairs down and one flight of stairs up, our dresser is home and it looks stunning. We don't even have enough clothes to fill it! And even with the truck rental, the final price came out much cheaper than retail.

I thanked God right then. Even with my petty request for proof, He heard me and blessed me. Is this a job? No, not yet. But the best thing I got out of this dresser hunt is a rekindling of hope. God sees me. He knows my needs. Maybe God wants me to enjoy this time of rejuvenation, because He's got a big job coming around the corner for me.

Score one for the win column!

If you're waiting like me, what wins can you celebrate now?