Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let Me Tell You About...My Total DIY Score

As promised in Hump Day Happenings yesterday, let me tell you about my total DIY score.

In preparation for moving to Jacksonville, Jared and I got rid of the majority of our furniture. That means I am in the market for...just about everything. When I read Army Wife to Suburban Life's post about how she scores amazing, quality furniture at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I knew I had to check it out. I immediately looked up the nearest location and headed over (in the rain, I might add!).
Needless to say, I was so impressed with the ReStore (this post is NOT sponsored, by the way). The other thrift stores I visited previously had horrible, dirty and broken furniture. DIY only goes so far, y'all. In contrast, the ReStore had outdated furniture, granted, but it was all still in reasonable shape. Good bones, as they say! The ReStore also had a lot of fixtures such as appliances, sinks and lighting you could repurpose if you are renovating a room or home.

As I walked around the store, I wasn't really expecting to find anything I would buy. But then I stumbled across the perfect TV stand. I had a vision in my head of a buffet-style table with two levels to fit our TV and equipment. Our apartment living room is on a smaller scale, so the table needed to fit. I also thought my ideal TV stand would have a touch of wicker. I just feel like it fits in a beachy area : )

Lo and behold, what did I find??? My ideal table. Unfortunately, it was selling as part of a set, which included an end table and a coffee table. The other tables were square and bulky, so I knew they would not fit in my design plan. I spoke with the manager and after some negotiation, he agreed to sell me just the piece I wanted for a third of the sell price, which I thought was very fair. I called Jared and he came to help me take my piece home!

Even though the bones of the table were excellent, it had some dings and the color was very dark. I envisioned a peacock blue table to play off the neutral colors of our walls and carpet. I originally wanted to use chalk paint to make covering the laminate easier, but I couldn't find the color I wanted. So I decided to use a good primer and buy some latex paint instead. By the way, I've never bought mixed paint before, so I think I might write a post on the process for the newbies out there like me!

There are a million and one tutorials on how to paint furniture, so I won't include that here. The color started out a little bright, but after three coats, I am thrilled with the result. Check it out!

Pardon the cords...I'm still styling this area, haha : )


  1. YAY! It looks fantastic!! :)

  2. Pretty! I love the color! We actually got our dining room table set from a habitat for humanity restore--we'd been looking for one for a few months when we first got married and my uncle told us he'd spotted a nice oak dining set so we went and snapped it up from them!


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