Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Have Paint Mixed

As a novice DIYer, I feel like I missed the boat on some essential skills. For example, last week when I was trying to purchase paint for my DIY score, I realized I had never had paint mixed before!!! I lurked around the paint counter at Home Depot for awhile trying to learn how to do it, but no such luck. Everyone else seemed to know what they were doing. For you DIY veterans out there, I am sure you are laughing at me right now. But I hope this post helps other novice DIYers like me who have no clue!

Pick a Color Chip

Haha, good luck! There are SO many color choices in paint, not to mention brands. It seems many professional DIYers have their preference for brand. Honestly, since I was at Home Depot, I just went with Behr. It got the job done just fine.

I find it's best to have an idea of how you want the final project BEFORE you gather supplies. That way, it makes wading through choices much easier. I knew I wanted to paint my table peacock blue, so I immediately went to that color family. Of course, there are many variations of one particular color. For example, I saw peacock blue which had more green or more blue. I wanted a true, deep peacock blue, so again, having a vision helped narrow my choices.

Decide How Much Paint You Need

The paint counter can mix all different sizes for you, from a little sample jar to a gallon. Again, it depends on the project as to how paint you need. For my table, I purchased a quart because I knew I wanted to paint more than one coat. If you're painting a wall, obviously you need a gallon. 

Choose a Finish

Your paint finish can range from matte to high gloss. Each finish has a recommended use. Fortunately, Home Depot had a handy chart with examples for finishes. I decided on a semi-gloss for my paint because I want the finish to be durable, but not be too shiny.

Have the Paint Mixed!

When I first got to the paint counter, I was just honest with the clerk and said, "I have never done this before, I have no idea what I'm doing!" I find it helps people be less irritated with me when I'm honest about my ignorance : )

The clerk was extremely helpful and said, "you've done all you need to do by bringing me the color!" He said the paint mixing would take five to ten minutes, so I meandered around, gathering the rest of my supplies while I waited. When my paint was done, the clerk showed me the result to get my approval. He then dabbed a little sample on top of the lid and gave me a key (used to open the paint can) and some stirring sticks (which I never used, but probably should have haha).

That's it! Turns out, mixing paint is a simple process for the customer. Now go mix paint with confidence!