Thursday, June 26, 2014

Expectations and Best Laid Plans

A big move gives you a lot of time to think, I have found. When you don't work, you have the opportunity to examine your goals and where you want to go from here. One thought I have been turning over and over in my mind is expectations and best laid plans.

You may wonder why my boy dog is lying in a pink bed in the photo above. Well, that is due to expectations and best laid plans. I have shared before when Jared and I started our search for a pet, we originally wanted a girl dog. I had so many expectations and best laid plans for the little girl I planned to name Ruby, I bought her a pink bed when I found a good deal at TJ Maxx.

Of course, as you know, we brought Henry home instead of Ruby. Looking back, I know Henry is just the dog I needed. But that pink bed sat at the top of my closet for a long time. Every time I went in there, I remembered the directions life can take you despite what you plan. Ultimately, I decided to see if Henry liked the bed. We had bought him a red, boy-appropriate bed previously, and he promptly destroyed it. I decided I preferred Henry destroy the bed rather than store it any longer, so I took it out.

Ironically, Henry LOVES that bed. He doesn't care if it's pink or blue. He loves to put his toys in there and sleep on them like a dragon guarding his treasure. Henry also tries to hide Jared's dirty socks in the crevices. Every time I watch Henry enjoy a nap in his bed, it reminds me how things work out despite your expectations and best laid plans.

I never saw myself moving to Jacksonville, Florida. I never saw myself leaving Texas, for that matter. But obviously, God has a pretty big plan for us if He brought us this far. I just have to trust He has a plan, even if I don't. It's very uncomfortable, y'all, but whenever I doubt, I'm going to look at Henry's pink bed.


  1. This is awesome, Megan! I love how little things like something your dog does can remind you of a bigger lesson that God is teaching you right now.

  2. i never saw my life ending up like it has. i never thought i'd own a dog either!

  3. If you could guarantee what would happen in your life, you would miss all the little surprises waiting on the edges, they are the spice of life! :) Love your pup on the pink bed, glad he loves it and you!


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