Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beach Bums

Dog on Beach

The Walkers have officially become beach bums in Jacksonville, Florida!

Despite my very white skin (my dad always called it princess skin. It sounded much better than the other things people called me!), I absolutely love the beach. My first experience at the beach occurred when I was in elementary school. My family took a vacation with my grandmother to Galveston Beach near Houston, Texas. I was enchanted. I loved the cool sand and the crashing of the waves upon the shore. Plus, people just seem happier and more relaxed on the beach. Maybe it's the salt air...

Since we arrived in JAX, Jared and I have been exploring our new home. One of our favorite new things is the beach, which is literally 10 minutes away! I could go on an evening walk if I wanted. The only Walker who wasn't too impressed with the beach was Henry. In his defense, he spent most of his life in a land-locked city, so he has no experience with water.

Henry gamely stepped on the wet sand, but when the first little wave swept across his paws, he was done. He pulled on the leash to try and get away from the water. To him, it probably looked like a never-ending bath! Thankfully, Henry gathered his courage and starting walking in the water once he saw me enjoying it. There's nothing I like better than sticking my toes in the sand, so hopefully Henry will learn to love it like I do!

Thank you all for bearing with me as I transition to my new home. I hope to be fully back in the blogosphere soon!

So tell me: are you a beach lover too? What locations make you feel relaxed? Share below!