Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Brother: A Birthday Collage

See this handsome young man? This is my brother, David. He turns 22 today.

David had the good fortune of being born between two sisters. Some people would pity him, but I like to think as his big sister, I have helped prepare him for life!

David and I have always had a special relationship, right from the beginning. I used to wrap him up like baby Jesus when he first came home from the hospital. Ever since then, we have been there to celebrate each other's accomplishments.

Dean's List:

Graduation from college:

Graduation from high school:

My wedding:

I am so proud of my brother. He was accepted into a very prestigious Master's of Accounting program at Texas Tech. Guns up, bro!

Happy birthday to my sweet baby brother. You have grown up into such a wonderful, talented, passionate young man. Before I end your birthday collage, I have to share my favorite picture of us. You know the one:

Do you notice our hair is the same height, even though mine has been teased for a formal? That's my bro!