Monday, May 5, 2014

Let Me Tell You About...What They Do These Days with Dog Poop

As you know, Jared and I recently returned from apartment hunting in Jacksonville, Florida. JAX is very different from Lubbock in many ways, but one of the most unusual involves dog poop.

The first complex Jared and I toured was called Coventry Park. If we had not gotten such a deal at Wimberly, we would have moved into this complex. It had beautiful apartments and even more beautiful grounds. One of the reasons for this beauty? The absence of dog poop, which tends to accumulate when you have a lot of dogs living in one place. I learned why the residents are so responsible about picking up after their dogs during the tour.

As we were being shown the walking paths, the property manager Damian passed a lone pile of dog poop and said, "oh I guess I gotta bag that and send it to the lab..."

I was curious, so I said, "what do you mean, send it to the lab?"

Damian said in order to keep the grounds clean, they require pet owners to submit a piece of their dog's poop as a DNA sample. Whenever management comes across poop which has not been picked up, they send it to a lab for DNA testing. Once they find out which dog did the deed, the owner is charged a $25 fine!

Am I crazy, or is this the strangest policy you've ever heard too??? I will say, the grounds were absolutely spotless except for that one pile!

Jared and I laughed about it later because we had this image in our minds:


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