Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let Me Tell You About...A Giant Red Flag When Apartment Searching

After blogging about the journey of apartment searching, dog poop and rental finding agencies, I have one last story to share with you from our trip to Jacksonville. It involves a GIANT red flag you should run far away from if it ever happens to you.

If an apartment complex (or anyone else showing you housing) outright lies about the features of the home, you are almost guaranteed problems in the future.

 Let me explain how I know this.

One of the apartment complexes we toured looked really nice online. The amenities and upgrades in each apartment were stellar. When we toured the model apartment, there were signs everywhere pointing out the different features. Right away in the kitchen, I noticed a sign on the bar top said "Granite Counter Tops!".

Sure enough, the bar the sign rested on WAS granite...but everything else was cheap laminate surfaced to LOOK like granite. I found this very suspicious. I know what granite looks like!

Unedited Image Via
Jared even asked our leasing consultant about the difference in counter tops. And she said, "oh yeah, granite counter tops are standard in every home!"

Lies. Outright lies. I can see the evidence right in front of me!!! Maybe part of the counter was granite, but the rest was surely not. I don't need granite counter tops, but if you tell me they come standard, they better come with some standards! Alarm bells were blaring in my head. Jared and I crossed that complex off our list the minute we left.

I know apartment complexes put their best foot forward during the tour, so sometimes it is hard to know what your experience will be like living there. But there ARE red flags if you pay close attention. One of them is outright lies!

Have you ever experienced anything like this before? Share below!

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