Friday, May 2, 2014

Jacksonville Becomes a Home

Well hey, y'all! Thanks for bearing with me during my absence. I missed all of you! I am looking forward to catching up with what has been going on.

Jared and I recently returned from a very successful apartment hunting trip in Jacksonville. We decided to rent an apartment because we are only guaranteed three years there. After that, we may do a fellowship or "real" job elsewhere! Plus, renting will be easier on me so I don't have a house to maintain while my husband is off saving lives in the ER : )

Prior to our trip, Jared and I made a list of 10 complexes we wanted to visit based on recommendations from Jacksonville Rental Finders. I am planning to do another post about the wonder of rental finding agencies, because our agency made apartment hunting in a city we have never been very easy.

Our first day in JAX, Jared and I picked four apartment complexes we were particularly interested in. Surprisingly, a lot of these places were extremely similar. There were only a few differences between them, but we quickly learned which amenities and features were most important to us. For example, if you had asked me before I left how important landscaping would be in our future home, I probably would have said not much. But after seeing how landscaping could transform a complex from a row of buildings to a neighborhood, landscaping became a feature we looked for. Plus, after coming from a very flat, brown place, the trees and explosion of greenery was incredible!

The last complex we visited was called the Wimberly at Deerwood. When we pulled up, I knew this place would be special. Our leasing consultant was so friendly and bubbly. She gave us an excellent tour of the property and showed us an actual apartment which was potentially available for our move date. Most other places showed us a model or an apartment which was currently vacant, but would not be by the time we moved in. When we saw the apartment number, Jared and I knew we needed to pay attention because it is the same as our current apartment!!!

This particular apartment is a second floor unit facing the woods. It looks like you're in a tree house. The interior is newly renovated with crown molding, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and contemporary lighting fixtures. Best of all, the unit has an extra storage unit right down the hall. Coming from an apartment with very little storage, this appealed to us greatly.

The only obstacle was the price. It was a little more than we wanted to pay. Plus, since we are moving in June, we couldn't apply for the apartment if we had to pay rent for May as well. Our leasing consultant promised she would speak to the property manager and see if she would work out a deal with us. When we left, Jared and I agreed if the deal went through, we would take the apartment. Later that evening, we got the call! Our deal went through.

The next morning, we drove to our new home.

We signed the paperwork and took pictures!

Finding an apartment really has made our impeding move more real! Our neighborhood is so nice. Jared and I can't wait to become Texas transplants in Florida!

P.S. Eli from Coach Daddy, one of our Hump Day Happenings participants, writes an amazing series called 6 Words. Basically, you answer a prompt in six words! My response was included in his recent 6 Words post. Check it out here : )