Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I'm a Wife...But Not a Medical Wife!

When Jared and I got married on June 11, 2011, I knew I was marrying a future doctor. I knew he would spend four years in school and three years in residency. I knew pursuing his dream would require sacrifice from me. What I did not know is what people would think of me as a medical wife. Since these perceptions make up a very negative stereotype, I thought I would set the record straight. Let me share with you some of the comments people have directed at me.

Aren't you afraid he is going to leave you?

Medical marriages have a terrible reputation for ending in divorce. I won't lie when I say it is hard to cope with the large amounts of time my husband has to commit to his profession. However, I am not the only spouse whose partner works long hours! You don't have to be a physician for that. We just celebrated Memorial Day. What about the military families whose parents serve abroad for months or years at a time?

This is probably the most-common question people asked me about Jared: aren't you afraid he's going to leave you? You mean, am I afraid once I support him through medical school he will move onto bigger and better things than me? What a question to ask someone!

Honestly, I'm not afraid Jared is going to leave me. If I was, we would not be married right now. I am an independent person. I don't need a man to support me (girl power, y'all!). I was with Jared when we weren't even sure he would get into medical school (true story!). I never married him for his earning potential. I married him because I wanted him in my life forever, and he feels the same way.

Because we married for the right reasons, I am not afraid he's going to leave me. He might do a lot of things, but he will stick around. 

You are a medical wife, you won't ever have to work again!

I guess being married to a doctor means everything I worked so hard in my life to achieve gets steamrolled. I've had people congratulate me for just being able to entertain for my husband for the rest of my life. WHAT...? I went to college for public relations, not a MRS degree!

I have not always been good about this, but I want to continue to grow as a person while Jared does the same. I have dreams I want to accomplish as well, and fortunately, Jared is very supportive of those. We talked about this before we even got married. If he wasn't supportive of me just as I am supportive of him, again, we would not be married.


Have you ever faced any nasty stereotypes? Debunk them below!

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