Monday, May 12, 2014

A Tribute to Mom

Mother's Day was yesterday. How did you celebrate your mom? I want to celebrate mine by sharing some stories about how my mother set me up for success. Working in higher education for almost four years, I have worked with many parents. Some are integral to the success of their children. They constantly build them up and give them the tools to become independent adults. Sadly, other parents are just the opposite. They destroy their children by protecting them from taking responsibility. I have had parents cover their student's outright lies and forge emails for them. I mean, it's crazy, y'all!

Now I can't be too judgmental because I am not a parent. I don't know all of their circumstances. But working with these parents has made me appreciate my mother all the more.


You wouldn't believe how many people in college don't know how to do laundry, particularly boys. I knew how to keep clean clothes stocked because my mother made me learn!

In sixth grade, I took a home economics class. One of our units was laundry, and we had to do a load of laundry as our final project. My mom had done my laundry up until then, but when my final project was a success (no dyeing white clothes red for me!), my mom passed me the torch.

I hated it then, but when I got to college, I'm glad I wasn't one of those people staring in horror at the washers and dryers!

Shared Her Interests with Me

One thing I always admired about my mom is she keep her own interests alive and well. Especially now that I am married, I see how important it is to continue developing yourself as a person. My mom first set that example for me.

My mom loves Gone With the Wind. When I was young, she let me play with a beautiful paper doll set she had collected. When I was older, we watched the movie and read the books. My mom has a passion for young children, and she has the natural ability to connect with them. Most summers, I volunteered in the young children rooms at Vacation Bible School. I also helped teach a two-year old Sunday School class during high school.

Did I always like everything my mom did? No. But watching a woman work in something she so clearly enjoyed left a lasting impression on me. It empowered me to follow my dreams.

She Has Always Been Honest with Me

I love this picture : )
As long as I can remember, my mom has not been squeamish with the truth. I learned the proper names for my body parts when I was young. After I watched that horrible puberty video in fourth grade, my mom had a long discussion with me about the changes my body would soon experience. Of course I was totally mortified at the time, but later when those changes actually occurred, I was glad to know I was not dying some horrendous death. I want to bring the same honesty to my relationship with my future children.

My mom has also been a great source of advice for my marriage. Our relationship has changed quite a bit in recent years, but I am glad we are entering the time of life where we can become friends.

Today, I celebrate my mom and all the wisdom she has given me the past 26 years. I hope I can be even half the mom she is when it is my turn.

What lessons has your mom taught you?

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