Monday, April 28, 2014

To Jacksonville We Go!

Jacksonville, Florida

The Walker Fireside Chats will be on a brief hiatus this week y'all, because the Walkers are going to Florida!

Jared and I will be in Jacksonville this week trying to find our new apartment. We've got 10 apartment complexes on our list, so I hope one of them has our new home! I'll of course update you when I return. Don't miss me too much ; )

Hump Day Happenings #8 will happen as usual this week. The party opens Tuesday at 8 p.m. CST and will continue through Wednesday until midnight. Join Jenna and I for the link up!

Until later my friends!


  1. Hope you have a successful apartment hunt! You will definitely be missed. I can' wait to hear how your weekend went.

  2. Hi Megan!! Thanks for another great party! Hope apartment hunting went well!


  3. Good luck! Looking forward to hearing about your adventure!

  4. good luck! i'll be there in a couple of weeks!


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