Monday, April 14, 2014

The Importance of Giving Stuff Away

Florida Texas

Last week, I read a post from the Random Writing of Rachel which really touched my heart. Rachel and her husband Angel are moving overseas soon, and they are in the process of giving away most of their belongings. In her post, Rachel wrote about why she believes blessing other people is more important than making money. I have a similar story to share.

As you know, Jared and I will be moving to Florida soon for his three-year residency. Ever since Match Day, we have been trying to decide how to move our one-bedroom apartment down there. As I looked around my apartment trying to decide what to take and what to get rid of, I realized just how much of my furniture was given to me by family and friends.

My Mimi gave Jared and I our beautiful leather couch and recliner, plus a headboard, box spring, and bed frame.

My parents drove my Mimi's gifts from Borger, Texas, (four hours north of Lubbock) in a truck to Lubbock. I wouldn't have the furniture without them. They also gave me our TV stand for Christmas one year.

My Aunt Joy and Uncle Justin gave us an end table.

Jared's parents Cindy and Richard gave us a kitchen table, two chairs, a small chest of drawers, a student desk, a night stand and a wooden filing cabinet. They also gifted us a 44-inch TV for our wedding and our queen-sized mattress for Christmas one year.

Jared's Memaw and her husband Jimmie gave us another leather couch.

Our friend Chris built the base for an ottoman/coffee table (but this is going with me even if I have to strap it to the top of my car!).

As I look at all these things, I remember the people who loved Jared and me enough to give us a solid start in our marriage. And I want to do the same for other people if I can. Jared and I decided we don't need to take most of our furniture in a cross-country move, so it has to go. There are some things we will sell, of course, but whatever can be given away will be.

Who helped give you a good start in life?

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