Friday, April 18, 2014

Invasion of the Zombie Belly Button

Zombie Photo Via

Most of you are aware of my recent appendectomy. What you may not be aware of is the interesting turn my recovery has taken. And yes, it does involve a zombie invasion. (Don't worry, there are no graphic surgery pictures in this post!).

After two weeks, the three incisions from my surgery could not look more different. The two lower ones look like scratches and are healing nicely. The one in my belly button, however, is a different story. I didn't expect to take up bikini modeling after my surgery, but trust me when I say my belly button looks GROSS. It's scabby and bloody looking, which I suppose is understandable considering a body part came out of it.

What is NOT understandable is the oozing. It's mostly a clear liquid, but when I looked closer at my belly button, I realized it looked exactly like a zombie with the "wet rot" look. OMG! My belly button is going to fall off!!!

Even Jared, the more level-headed person in this marriage, thought it looked serious enough to call my doctor for an earlier follow-up appointment. At my appointment, my doctor looked at my belly button and gasped. He was trying to make a joke (it WAS funny), but that should tell you I'm not exaggerating in my description!!! When I told him I called my wound a belly button zombie, he thought it was hilarious.

Turns out, my incision is infected. I have had an outie belly button all of my life due to a umbilical cord hernia at birth. I hated it growing up, but I've embraced it over the years. It makes me unique. My doctor tried to do me a favor and fix the hernia on the way out after my appendectomy, which made the incision bigger than normal. Thus, I have a zombie on my body. Great...

Fortunately, my doctor gave me some antibiotics, so my zombie should be tamed within another week. Ah the joys of recovery from surgery! Here's to hoping I didn't give you some particularly nasty visuals : )