Friday, April 25, 2014

4 Temporary Wall Decor Ideas

Temporary Wall Decor Ideas

I am getting more and more excited about moving to Florida, particularly because Jared and I will get to move into a bigger, nicer apartment! Our current apartment isn't horrible by any means, but it IS a college apartment and therefore does not feel very "homey" if you know what I mean.

No offense to you college students (I was one not that long ago), but I am just not a college student anymore. I'm old. I can't stay up as late you can. I like the quiet. You might think I'm boring, but I like to think of it as...settled.

In an effort to make our next apartment as homey as possible, I am collecting brilliant temporary wall decor ideas from Pinterest. Obviously most apartments won't allow you to paint or apply anything permanent, so whatever I apply needs to be removable. Here are my favorites so far:

Decorative Vinyl

Herringbone vinyl

Gold polka dots
How gorgeous are these graphic, decorative vinyl pieces from The House of Smiths Designs? One of the hard things about living in an apartment is how BLAH the white walls can be. But apply some herringbone or gold polka dots, and BAM! Magic. I'm thinking herringbone in the master bedroom and gold polka dots in the guest bathroom.

Removable Wallpaper

Chevron Wallpaper
Apparently, such a wondrous thing exists. I love bold, graphic prints. This particular design comes from Chasing Paper. I'm sure there are many more companies with different designs. When I saw this chevron print, I have visions of an accent wall in the guest room or dining room, depending on the floor plan of our new apartment.

Gallery Wall

Some apartments are pickier than others about how many holes you put in their walls, but I think this would be a stylish compromise. Our current apartment felt much homier after Jared and I hung some pictures from our wedding, so I would like to elevate that idea with a gallery wall like this. (Sadly, I don't have an original pin for this idea).

Decorative Ceilings

Decorative ceiling
This idea is actually inspired by my mom. She painted her bedroom ceiling a beautiful sky blue, and it elevates the room so much. A decorative ceiling is also a great solution for a small room which might be overwhelmed by something on the walls, like a powder room. I would have to use removable wallpaper to pull this off, probably, but I see this in a laundry room or powder room, if applicable.

I'll be adding to these ideas on Pinterest, so if you would like to follow my progress, follow the board here!

Do you have any other temporary wall decor ideas I should know about? Share below!