Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Liebster Award, Courtesy of Driftwood Gardens!

Liebster Award

Jen at Driftwood Gardens graciously nominated me for a Liebster Award! You have already witnessed my reaction above. This award is given to up-and-coming bloggers by other bloggers in recognition of their efforts. My blog is a labor of love, so this nomination means the world to me.

Here are the rules to accept the award:
  1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award (I made a button for my nominees to make it easy!).
  2. Liebster Button Code
  3. Answer eleven questions the blogger gives you.
  4. Give eleven random facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate eleven blogs you think are deserving of the award (after careful consideration, I actually chose to nominate just ten). Try to make sure they have 200 followers or less.
  6. Let the bloggers know you nominated them.
  7. Give them eleven questions to answer.

Jen's Questions for Me:

What is your blogging niche?
I think of myself as a lifestyle blogger, meaning I write about lots of different life topics!

What is the best thing about blogging?
The absolute best thing is the people I have met through blogging. I have really tried to put myself out there by meeting other people, and I have not been disappointed. I love how bloggers support each other. The creative outlet this blog provides is amazing.

What is the worst thing about blogging?
How much time it takes to run a blog well. I wish I had more time to monitor my social media and network, but I just don't! You have to find a balance of what works for you.

Who is your favorite TV chef?
Ina Garten because she inspired me to learn how to cook. Her relationship to alcohol and outrageously fancy ingredients crack me up.

What's your guilty pleasure?
I think my most guilty pleasure is spending the majority of my weekends cuddling with my poodle Henry. I always plan to get so much done, but when that little fluffy dog curls up in my lap, I can't bear to move.

Name someone you admire and why you admire them.
There are so many people who have influenced my life (including a former boss), but I would have to say my mother is the person I admire most. She taught me to be a strong, independent woman who can take care of herself. My mom understands me like no one else and she gives the best advice!

Favorite book ever?
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Jane's experiences trying to find herself really resonate with me.

Favorite movie of all time?
This one is harder...I don't think I can pick!

Best song of all time?
I would have to say Here Without You by Three Doors Down because it is Jared's and my song. We picked it when we were spending a lot of time apart. It reminds me how I carry him in my heart no matter what. Unfortunately, since it talks about being separated from someone, we couldn't dance to it at our wedding haha!

What is your favorite social media?
Surprisingly, I would have to say my new favorite social media is Twitter. It is the best for connecting with people quickly!

Will you still be blogging in ten years? 
I hope so! That's the plan : ) 

11 Random Facts About Me:

  1.  I process information visually, which means color coding and neatness are EXTREMELY important to me. My slight OCD tendencies serve me well in my job as auditor, however!
  2. I am addicted to chap stick, specifically Burt's Bees Mango. It is more important to me than my phone.
  3. I am the eldest of three siblings.
  4. Elephants are my favorite animal because they take care of each other.
  5. I recently gave up Cokes. It sucked, but now I can barely drink them because they taste too sweet. Yay!
  6. Writing makes me feel fulfilled as a person.
  7. My favorite color is pink because it makes me happy, no matter what!
  8. My favorite store to shop in is Express. They have killer coupons and sales if you're willing to wait!
  9. My husband Jared and I love milk. We go through about a gallon a week.
  10. I like lots of cream in my coffee more than sugar. When I first started drinking it, I needed lots of sugar to choke it down!
  11. I strongly believe in "you reap what you sow".
Are you still reading? I hope so, because without further ado...

My Liebster Award Nominees!

I chose these blogs because of the people behind them. I visit their blogs every day because I love their content and how they treat their fellow bloggers. I can't verify how many followers they have, but I think they deserve a Liebster anyway! In no particular order...

A Savory Feast - Jenna is the first blogger I really connected with. She's my blogging BFF! I love her delicious recipes. We started Hump Day Happenings together, and it has been a big success so far! I love how eager she is to learn.

Busted Heels - Cassidy's voice is so apparent in her blog. She is going through a difficult time personally, but instead of keeping silent, she is sharing her story to encourage other people. I'm all about encouragement through stories, so I love what this blog stands for.

Fat Girl Friendly - Courtney is HILARIOUS. I love seeing the world through her eyes. She is unapologetic about who she is and what she wants out of life, and I love her for that. If I could choose someone to sit down and have coffee with right now, it would be Courtney.

Lewis Lane Designs - Nicki is a web designer AND blogger. She always gives great tips to improve your blog which make me think about my blog design. I also like connecting at her Tuned In Thursday linky party.

The Wetherills Say I Do - Madison is someone I connected with through SITSGirls. I love the photography on her blog. She runs a lifestyle blog like I do, so I love reading the stories about her life.

B. Marie Photography - Brooke also features lovely photography on her blog. She talks about her family a lot in her posts, which I love. Read her monthly letters to her daughter "Peanut". They will melt your heart! Brooke has a beautiful writing style.

The Adventures of Noble and Pond - Megan has the sweetest spirit. She's a Coast Guard wife and I'm a medical school wife, so I feel like we share an understanding when it comes to our husbands' commitments to their jobs! I love her content, and I think you will too!

A Story from Honduras - I've known Megan (I call her T) for a long time, but I had to nominate her blog because of her amazing perspective. Megan lives in Honduras and shares her experiences from there. She thinks so deeply about issues facing the people there. I love her writing style.

Oatmeal Smiles - Georgia is another blogger I have met recently, but her kind heart impressed me from the beginning. PLUS, she lives in Texas. Nuff said. I also adore Georgia's writing style. She has a great variety of topics in her blog from beautiful letters to her to daughters to delicious, easy recipes.

Running Life's Race from Start to Finish - To round out my nominations, I have to include this blog. Cheryl started this blog to document her journey to fitness. I am so proud of the effort she has put into developing a healthy lifestyle. She also shares updates about her life, which is a great balance!

Questions for My Nominees:

- What made you start a blog?
- Who is your blogging mentor?
- Talk about a favorite piece in your wardrobe.
- What is one tip you would offer to a new blogger?
- If you had to go your whole life eating only one meal, what would it be?
- Are you a morning person? Why or why not?
- In your opinion, what makes a successful blogger?
- What is your favorite color and why?
- What is your favorite animal and why?
- Who is your best friend and why?
- What is the most unusual pet you have ever had?

I would like to thank Jen from Driftwood Gardens again for this honor. I love the community blogging has created for me. Congratulations, ladies!