Friday, March 28, 2014

The Last Day of Medical School

Jared Walker Match Day

Today is the last day of medical school for Jared. It's hard to believe four years has passed and he's done! It's also been a week since we were given our residency assignment. I haven't shared many details about that day, so I thought I would elaborate!

Jared's parents Cindy and Richard came to visit us for the weekend. They have sacrificed a lot for Jared in this process, so I was so glad they could be there for this happy occasion.

Cindy and Richard Walker

When we arrived at the ceremony, the school presented Jared with his graduation gift: a wooden business card holder engraved with his name and a very important new title...

This is the first time I have seen my husband attached to this title. Very cool and well-deserved.

The Match Day event started at 9:30 in the morning, but we had to wait to open the envelope until 11! The tension in the room was palpable. I have never been so nervous in my life. Each medical student walked across a stage and received their envelope. The envelope which would change everything.

Match Day Envelope

At exactly 11 a.m., everyone tore open their envelope! Once the assignments were given, students were asked to put a pin on a map to let everyone know where they were going. We are one of two students heading out to Florida.

Match Day Map

Florida Map

I'll keep you updated as this new chapter continues!


  1. How exciting! Congrats and enjoy the awesome new adventure!!

  2. Oops, congrats to JARED! Mixed his name up with my brothers ;)

  3. Congrats! Florida should be a fun place. Wishing you the best of luck!

  4. Haha I like the "still a little shocked"pic... I can see it... Congrats, again!

  5. How exciting!! It's been a long time in coming--you must be so proud of him!

  6. Congratulations! And after this winter I'm super jealous you're getting to go someplace warm. Good luck with your new adventure!

  7. Congratulations! New reader to the blog!

  8. congrats! i grew up near jax and went there all the time. i was there saturday!

  9. Wow an exciting new adventure for the Walkers! Congratulations to you both!!


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