Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Comes on the Back of Robins

Spring Means Robins
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Spring is in the air, y'all!

Here is Texas, our weather is a big fan of April Fool's Day. It's freezing in the morning and steamy in the afternoons. That's all a part of the "spring" experience.

My favorite part of the spring, however, is robins. Just like it's not the holidays until Starbucks brings out their red cups (anyone else?), it's not spring to me until I start seeing orange-breasted birds hop around my apartment.

My love of robins started long ago when I was a little girl in Borger, Texas. We had a covered patio where a momma robin liked to build her nests in the spring. I would watch in awe for hours as she lovingly built the nest and sat on her eggs. Then one day, little baby birds would peep their heads up and start chirping for food. And they didn't stop until they left the nest! I always appreciated how busy the momma bird kept herself so those babies would be happy.

One day, I went to sit at my usual perch to watch the robins, and I noticed one of the baby bird hanging by one foot off the edge of the nest!!! I called for my mom and she came running. My heart broke watching that baby bird cry. The momma bird came back and looked at her baby, but there wasn't much she could do. I told my mom we had to help.

My mom got a wooden spoon and carefully nudged the baby back into the nest. Right afterwards, the momma bird came to feed him. I was relieved. All was right in my spring.

I was always sad watching those baby birds grow up, flap out of the nest and hop away. I always wished I could keep one. But then the next year, the momma bird would start the cycle all over again.

Today, when I see a robin, I remember the joy they brought me as a little girl and the promise of life continuing, even if you're clinging to the edge of the nest for dear life! Next time you see a robin, take a moment to appreciate this reminder of spring.

What means "spring" for you?


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