Thursday, March 13, 2014

Let Me Tell You About...My Haircut Horror Story

I got a haircut this past Tuesday, so I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you about one of the most traumatizing experiences of my life: a horrible haircut. And I don't mean a bad haircut. I mean a HORRIBLE haircut. Like, one you never recover from. Let me explain.

My mom and I like to say the worst part of moving is finding a new hairdresser. You spend so much time developing a relationship with this person who has a huge impact on how you look. And then you have to leave them. So sad! Initially when I went to college, I was able to wait between haircuts until I went home. But eventually, I decided to grow my hair out, so I needed more frequent trims...which required me to get a new hairdresser.

I had no idea where to go in Lubbock, so I decided to go to a place in the mall called Regis. It was always full of clients, and like a good restaurant, I took this to be a good sign. I made my appointment for a Saturday and hoped for the best.

At first, I really liked my hairdresser. She was friendly and made me feel comfortable. I even liked how she styled my hair. I left Regis feeling happy.

The next day, I asked my best friend Gracie how she liked my hair cut. "Um..." she said, "it looks like...a mullet".

Horrified, I looked at myself in the mirror. I wanted to scream. I guess the hairdresser's styling magic had worn off, because I saw the mullet. The hair I had worked so hard to grow out was butchered. Instead of cutting my hair at an angle like most hairdressers, the lady at Regis had cut into my hair, which meant a whole section in the back was COMPLETELY gone. Completely.

Best of all, since I had gotten my haircut on a Saturday, no salon was open. So I had to suffer through a whole day with terrible hair. On Monday, I went to Regis to demand my money back, but they stalled me for an hour, saying I had to wait for the manager to come in. She never came in. I left the place and have told everyone who will listen NOT to go there.

I ended up having to cut my hair off again to repair the damage. The hairdresser I found near campus did a much better job. She shook her head in sympathy when she saw how my hair had been damaged. It took my hair a year  to recover from my horrible haircut. And my hair grows really fast. Ever since then, I am very reserved in who I trust with my hair. I am also not particularly adventuresome with my hair, but hey, I know what looks good and I stick to it!

Do you have a haircut horror story? Share below!