Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why I Still Want to be a Disney Princess

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As a 90's kid, I grew up surrounded with Disney princesses. I loved them all in their own ways. I wanted to commune with animals like Snow White. I wanted to have a pet tiger like Jasmine. I wanted to sprout fins and swim like Ariel. But Belle is the one who has held my heart since I was five-years-old.

I remember being a Beauty and the Beast HOARDER when I was young. I had the outfits. The bedding. A tent. Any and everything about BATB, I loved. I would watch the film, put books in a basket and dance around my room. My fifth birthday had a BATB theme. My mom made me a beautiful Chip cake, and I was so dedicated to the film, I made her cut out a piece of cake for Chip's chip. Even though that meant less cake for me. Authenticity is important, people!

A few weeks ago, I took a Facebook quiz to tell me which Disney princess I am. You know, those quizzes which tell you what TV show character you are or how you would die in A Game of Thrones (depressing much?). I got Belle. Of course, I already knew this. I have been playing Belle my whole life!

I've read all the criticisms about Disney princess movies. How they give unrealistic expectations in relationships. How it gives little girls unrealistic expectations about their appearances. I don't remember being so warped from watching BATB. I loved Belle because she was smart. She loved to read like me and she dreamed of doing great things with her life. She didn't let a man like Gaston tell her what to do! When her father was in-trouble, she sacrificed herself for him. When the Beast tried to force her to conform, she refused. When the Beast screamed in her face, she didn't flinch.

Belle made me proud to be a smart girl with dreams.

It might seem childish to love a children's movie so much, but I can't stop. Belle empowered me to be exactly who I am.

So I proudly ask,

Which Disney Princess do you still want to be?


  1. :) I always think that the arguments that say that Disney movies give kids unrealistic expectations for real life and warp their mindsets have underestimated the intelligence of children. There are fairytales, and there is real life--and both have their place! As a brunette bookworm, I've always been pretty partial to Belle!

  2. I love Disney Princess too! The little girl I nanny is OBSESSED with the Little Mermaid and we read princess books all the time. I changed my mind about which princess I wanted to be all the time, but my favorites were Belle and Ariel.

  3. I always say Belle, because she loves to read like I do.

    My daughter loves all the Disney princesses.

  4. I totally agree with you about being Disney obsessed and loving Belle. When I was really little, Ariel was my girl. But when I got a little older, I moved over to the Belle bandwagon, although I can still really belt out some of Ariel's songs :)

    I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to appreciate (and be able to sit through) Disney movies. I have a full on movie marathon day already planned out - complete with snacks that coordinate with the movie and staying in PJ's all day!!

  5. i always loved aurora, but looking back as an adult, she didn't really do anything, hehe.
    i did get to eat at Be Our Guest last month. It was AWESOME!

  6. I didn't really want to be any Disney princess, but I loved the movies. I went through a phase where every time I could watch something, I'd pick Beauty and the Beast or 101 Dalmatians. Everyone else got sick of those pretty soon.


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