Monday, March 24, 2014

Abraham Lincoln and the Panda

Abraham Lincoln Panda Lego Minifigure

At my office, I have a bookcase I use to display my treasures. My office is much more cheery and personal because of them. As I was looking at this bookcase the other day, I realized each and every one of these items has a story, which is why I put them on display.

One of my favorite stories involves...

"The Lego Movie" Characters, Panda and Abe

Have you guys seen "The Lego Movie"? If not, you should. It will crack you up. Toys R' Us has special packs you can buy with different Lego characters from the movie. The trick is, you can't see through the packs, so there's no way to really tell which character you are getting.

The Lego Movie Minifigure Pack
 My coworker Kim first told me about these packs. She has an amazing collection of toys in her office. Like me, she adores Legos, so I was intrigued.

Kim Wake
 Last week at work, Kim told me she wanted Abraham Lincoln for her collection, and I liked the guy in the panda suit. I mean, why WOULDN'T I want a Lego panda guy? After work that day, I convinced Jared to take me to Toys R' Us so we could find Kim an Abraham Lincoln!!! We felt every single pack they had until finally, I found Abe by the shape of this hat. I went home excited to give Kim her present the next day.

At work the next morning, Kim came into my office and said, "I have a surprise for you!" Turns out, she and her daughter ALSO went to Toys R' Us to find Abraham Lincoln and the panda guy!!! We were at the store about 30 minutes apart. The entire office had a good laugh about how nerdy we are. Whatever, guys! Every time I look at panda and Abe, I'm going to think about Kim and how much I enjoy working with her.

The best part of this story is how Kim and I made our accomplices at Toys R' Us keep looking through EVERY. SINGLE. PACK. Jared tried to stop and I said, "Jared!!! We gotta keep looking!!!" Kim said her daughter wanted to stop too, and she told her the same thing! Kim and I are on the same wave length.

What stories can be found on your shelf? 

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