Thursday, March 6, 2014

Let Me Tell You About...the Time My Dog Tried to Kill Himself with Frozen Yogurt

Yes you read that correctly. My dog tried to commit suicide with yogurt.

First of all, have you met Henry? He's the fluffy little guy who makes an appearance on my Instagram all the time. Here are photos to refresh your memory.

Henry is one of the most opinionated, dramatic dogs I have ever met. He sings. He manipulates Jared and me. But most of all, Henry is very committed to his culinary tastes. He LOVES pickles, apples, bananas, ice cream and peanut butter more than anything in the world.

The other day I was in the grocery store and saw this in the Fresh Pet section:

Fresh Pet Wag-Gurt
These are apple and peanut butter-flavored frozen yogurt treats for dogs!!! They combined three of Henry's most-favorite foods, so I had to buy them for him. What can I say, he's my fur-baby. I spoil him.

When I got the box out of the grocery bag, Henry seemed to know the treats were for him. He got all excited and started doing his tricks, hoping one of them would impress me enough to give him a treat. I opened one of the containers and had a fleeting thought: these might be too big for a six-pound dog. But I quickly dismissed it, put the Wag-Gurt in a dish and gave it to Henry.

Henry, of course, went to town. I started doing other things since he seemed occupied. What seemed like a few minutes later, I looked back at Henry and he was shaking uncontrollably, like he was having a seizure! I grew up with a poodle who had epilepsy, so I was scared out of my mind. I ran over to him and he was ice cold. His little feet were like tiny, furry ice cubes. The Wag-Gurt was almost gone, but he still tried to get at it like a crack addict when I took it away.

Turns out, Henry almost gave himself hypothermia from eating too much of the cold Wag-Gurt! I had to wrap him in a blanket to keep him warm for thirty minutes. Good God almighty! What kind of dog almost kills himself from eating frozen yogurt???

Henry. That's who. As I said, he's committed.

Has your pet every done something crazy like Henry? Share below!



  1. That's hilarious! I love reading your stories, they are so entertaining.

  2. Adorable story and even cuter pup!

  3. Oh no!! Dogs can be a little crazy...and I have never heard of frozen yogurt for dogs, that's interesting...

  4. thanks for sharing that story i had no clue dogs could do that i always give the dogs im with a little bit of vanilla ice cream for 4th of july, thanks for the warning and for the story

  5. HAHAHA oh noo! Poor Henry!! Who would have thought this could even happen??

  6. Our youngest fur baby, Luke, needed to be rescued daily for the first six weeks we had him. As he's grown, he's getting into less sticky situations, but there in the beginning he fell in a hole, he fell in a pond, he almost fell through stairs with an open back. He would basically run into the street, under a car, or anything that could potentially maime or kill him. Last summer he stuck his head in a bush and scratched his cornea. Lots of vet visits to save his vision and his eye.

    He's two years old now and I feel like it's an accomplishment to have kept him alive!

    Your Henry is adorable. Let's hope he learns some portion control!

  7. Oh my god, poor puppy! He is adorable and that story had me laughing. Hope you have a wonderful SITS day!

  8. I never heard of Wag-gurt. Poor little Henry. I've known a human or two who has shivered after eating ice cream though! Might not just be dogs who need to learn portion control. Happy SITS Day!

  9. OMG poor Henry! One time on a road trip, my Schnauzer Dallas decided he needed to eat ALL of the calming tablets we had in the dog's "go bag". Thankfully it was only about 10 and I caught him immediately, so we pulled over and induced a "recall". All came out fine, but we will forever keep the dogs' go bag in the trunk.

  10. What a funny, yet scary, story about your sweet puppy! Love your blog and the humor that goes into it! Stopping by from SITS!

  11. OMG I'm so glad he is ok!! But typical pups, right? Holly used to be manic about grabbing trash from the street and once managed to grab a screw...that was a near miss!

  12. Oh my goodness, hilarious in retrospect but I'm sure in the moment it was completely terrifying!

    Happy SITS Day!


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