Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Real talk y'all: I don't know ANYTHING about wine, particularly red wine. I feel like basic knowledge of wine is a benchmark of adulthood, so I recently started my education. I already love sweet wines like Moscato (Barefoot Moscato is my current favorite), but whenever you interact with REAL wine experts, they scoff if you say you like white wine. Apparently, white wine is for pansies!

Never one to shrink from a challenge, I have been trying to develop a taste for red wine. My husband Jared LOVES red wine, like the kind which burn your mouth with all the alcohol content. Bleck! I just can't do it yet, y'all. Fortunately, I have a wine source who won't make fun of my taste for white wine: my bestie Cheryl (she's got a blog too!).

Cheryl exposed me to Becker's wine, which is made in Fredericksburg, Texas. She likes their Cabernet Sauvignon, which I was actually able to enjoy. It wasn't sweet, but it also didn't have the strong oak or tannic taste which usually turns me off from red wines. It also paired quite nicely with a steak. I felt so fancy!


On Friday, Jared and I went to Spec's (a GIANT alcohol and specialty food store, if you haven't heard of it before) and asked one of their wine experts to recommend another bottle. We also got an aerator, which Cheryl swears by to make cheaper wines taste more expensive. Our expert also confirmed this because aerating the red wine makes it less oakey/tannic.

The wine we got at Spec's was a little more intense, but the aerator definitely helped. So here's what I have learned about red wine so far:

1. I don't like the oak/tannic notes. GROSS!
2. Buying an aerator definitely helps.
3. Keep it at room temperature for the best taste, which is the opposite of white wine.

How do you feel about red wine? Any favorites to recommend for a newbie?


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  1. Awe, you're growing up! I am SO proud! :)

    Seriously though...I know its a big step/"accomplishment" for people who don't normally drink red wine to finally develop a taste for it! I got Kent to go from liking a super sweet pink Zinfandel wine to now liking my dry Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

    Wherever you end up in your taste and preference of wine though is right where you should be. :)


  2. This post is great, Megan! First of all, HUGE fan of How I Met your Mother so I love the first picture you use! Second, I am totally on the same page as you here! I love white wine but get the same scoffs from people so I am working my way up to red. I need to try some of your suggestions!

    1. We are so on the same page about HIMYW! When I was writing about drinking red wine being a challenge, I was like, I HAVE to include a "challenge accepted" meme! Glad you liked it : )


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