Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Seduced by Twitter

I have a confession to make...

...even though I was a public relations major...

...even though I use most other social media...

I am a recent convert to Twitter.

I KNOW, I KNOW, it's shameful. Really. Especially in the world we lived today.

But Twitter has seduced me.

Truth is, I didn't see the point of Twitter until recently. I just thought it was a lot of Facebook statuses thrown into the Internet abyss. Now that I have a blog, I see the value Twitter offers. For us newbies, what's the benefit of Twitter?

Connect to Like-Minded People Quickly

Facebook is great, but there is a lot of clutter, particularly since most of the people I know have had Facebook the longest. You might have a random classmate from high school you don't really remember on your Facebook feed or someone who drives you crazy with their political rants. 

Not so with Twitter. Thanks to hashtags (if you're thinking, "um...Megan, what's a hashtag"? Start here). Hashtags allow you to add your tweets or posts to conversations already in-progress.

Most Normal People are Already On-Board

All of my blog friends have Twitters, which makes it really easy for me to follow their new content and other content they enjoy. Again, Facebook is really cluttered, but on Twitter, I feel comfortable following just the people I want.

Your Posts are Easy for Others to See

I have "followed" much more established bloggers who have much larger followings than me, but when I tag them in my tweets, they respond! It's awesome and ridiculously easy thanks to Twitter handles, the profile names you see following the "@" symbol.

Tweet Chats

Thanks again to hashtags, it's really easy to participate in sponsored chats through different users. I have networked with several bloggers thanks to a chat on the SITSgirls Twitter feed.

So now that Twitter and I are BFF's, let's connect! My handle is @MWfiresidechats OR click the Twitter social media button at the top of my homepage.

Cheers for Twitter! I'm so glad I was seduced.


  1. I'm no twitter expert, but I see it as a great tool when it comes to the blogging world! I'm not sure if I'd keep up with it if I didn't have a blog, though.

  2. Twitter is how we became friends! I just recently figured it out and have to admit, I was "seduced" by it too. I waste wayyyyy to much time on it now!

  3. I really enjoy my Twitter! I'm on it daily!

  4. twitter is the SM i've been on the longest. i think this may will be 3 or 4 years?? can you believe i started a FB a few months ago?

    1. Elle, I'm actually surprised by that! Most people I know have had FB the longest and recently jumped to Twitter.


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