Monday, February 24, 2014

Theatre Made Me

In middle and high school, most people have a niche. Jock. Band nerd. Track star (not me!). My niche happened to be theatre, and it changed the course of my life.

I was first exposed to theatre in middle school. We had to take an elective course, and I was not interested in choir or band. I decided to do art because I enjoyed it as a child. Art happened to be paired with the theatre elective: you did art one semester and theatre the next. I felt like I found my calling when I did the theatre elective.

I have always shall I say...talkative. Like, my mom had to attend a parent/teacher conference in kindergarten because I wouldn't stop talking. I was the little girl in Pizza Hut who would approach all the customers and ask for their order. Theatre gave me an outlet for my voice.

I loved the costumes, the collaboration, everything! So when I entered high school, I knew what I wanted to do. The high school theatre department was much more competitive, but I worked my way up to winning a silver medal and All-Star cast in UIL competitions. I loved it.

I thank theatre the most for giving me the confidence to speak with other people. If you can act during a scene, you can definitely talk to someone in a normal conversation! I learned how to project my voice, how to enunciate and how to make public speaking much less daunting. Even though I loved theatre, I knew I would never become famous, but I used my theatre skills in choosing my major in college: public relations.

Some people forget their middle and high school niche once they leave. I have never forgotten mine. It still shapes my life today.

What activity shaped (or is shaping) who you are?


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  1. I love how real you are in your posts, Megan! This is like a little peak into your life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was a Theater kid in high school, too, and though it wasn't my major, I still squeezed a little bit in in college, as well! I loved every bit of it, the behind the scene work, too, but I really loved being on stage! And yes, through that I've learned to enjoy public speaking, too. I would love to get involved with community theater production again someday if we ever live near a community theater!

    1. Rachel,

      I actually auditioned for a community musical theatre production, but the troupe was so poorly run, I decided not to do it when I was offered an ensemble part. I would LOVE to do theatre again someday though!!!


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