Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let Me Tell You About...the Worst Interview EVER

Most people have horrible job interview stories.

Well, I have a horrible HOME interview story.

Back in July 2010, I had just been offered a job as an academic advisor for the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech. I was ecstatic...until I realized I would have to find a place to live at the worst possible time. Being a college town, Lubbock's ideal living places fill up quickly. I was supposed to start my new job as soon as possible, so I didn't have any time to waste.

Like a good sport, my then-boyfriend Jared helped me look for an apartment. Is there anything more discouraging than apartment hunting? I quickly realized just how little my money could buy in terms of an apartment. I saw some bad ones, y'all. Like the apartment crusted in filth. Or the complex with crappy apartments while their landlady had a $700 Coach purse (did nothing to boost my confidence). But the absolute worst was a back-house apartment I found on Craigslist.

The listing was well-written and friendly, which is why I responded in the first place. I called the landlord to set up an appointment, and he was extremely nice. So far so good. Jared went with me to my appointment. The house was in a less-desirable neighborhood, but it was close to campus, so I let that one slide. The landlord greeted us at the door and then showed us the back house, which had been converted into an apartment.

It was AWFUL. First of all, the previous tenant skipped her lease, so all of her stuff was still there. The landlord took every opportunity to bash her, which made me extremely uncomfortable. The apartment was also TINY. To give you an idea, the landlord told me I could heat my whole apartment with the gas stove. hazard anyone?

In the bedroom, a huge mold stain marred the wall. The landlord said it came from water leaking from the air conditioner unit, and he would fix it. Why hadn't he fixed it before I came? I couldn't bring myself to look in the bathroom. In the shared backyard, the landlord said I would be responsible for maintaining my side of the yard. This was acceptable, but when I asked him if he had any lawn equipment I could borrow, he said "no". So...I would have to buy expensive lawn equipment...? For a yard I didn't want...?

The worst happened after the tour. The landlord handed me an application and said he had a lot of interest in the apartment, so I probably wouldn't get it, but he needed my application back by the end of tomorrow. I was so offended he expected me to compete for such a trashy place, I threw my application away the minute I got home.

Fortunately, I found a well-maintained building in my price range not long after. I lived there happily until after Jared and I got married. The story is funny now. Jared and I share a giggle about it every now and then. But it was NOT funny then!

Do you have any apartment/house horror stores? Share below!

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  1. Oh man, you're making me glad that I've never yet had to do the house/apartment search. My husband and I rent a house from my parents, haha, best landlords ever! But we're moving soon and I know this will be part of that....
    And you're right, it does make a funny story long after the fact!

    1. I think apartment/house hunting is worst the first time around. After my husband and I got married, the apartment hunt went seamlessly because we knew what to expect and the questions to ask!

      It also helped I had already scoped the area before, so I knew where to avoid : )

  2. yikes! i've not had those experiences, but i tend to always pick the first place i look at--i consider it a gut feeling!

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  4. Oh man I so wish you would have looked in the bathroom. I'm so curious as to what kind of science experiment may have been going on in there!

  5. Hoo boy, this brings back some memories I'd tried to forget. Think cobwebs, spiders and dead insects left over from their meal, broken lighting and faucet, and half the room being occupied by the host family's dusty trash. This was back when I was looking to rent a room before starting college. Shudder.

  6. I wonder what to do when smth like that happens? Be nice no matter what or have the courage and say " You're offending me. This place is a disgrace". Never had the courage so far!


Thank you for sharing your story!