Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Favorite Visual Editing Apps

I'm not on the crest of cutting-edge technology by any means, but like everyone else, I have some favorites. I think one of my favorite pieces of technology is my iPhone 5. The things you can do with a smartphone are incredible. It really is like having a mini computer in your pocket at all times. Apps make everything more accessible on a smartphone. Like every other girl, I like things to look pretty, and I routinely use two free apps to achieve the pretty: Cocoppa and Pic Stitch. First, let's talk about Cocoppa.


Cocoppa allows you to customize the appearance of your apps without jail-breaking your phone. Check out my phone to get an idea:


Pretty, huh? It makes me happy to look at my phone screen. Cocoppa is a Japanese app, so the interface can be a little quirky sometimes, but it's very easy to use. Basically, users upload apps they have designed to Cocoppa. You can search for specific apps using the toolbar at the bottom. Once you find one you like, follow the prompts to add the new app to your home screen. Easy! You can also make shortcuts to text or call certain contacts, like I have done here with Jared and my mom.

A few warnings about Cocoppa...

1. This app makes shortcuts to the original apps, so you CANNOT delete the original. I simply group all my original apps in a folder at the bottom of my screen.
2. The shortcuts do not display alerts like the original apps. So when you receive emails or text messages, you won't know by the shortcuts. Since I place my original apps in a folder, the alert still shows. It's a little inconvenient, but manageable.
3. Because this is a shortcut, there is a slight delay when you touch the app before you can access the content. Again, slightly inconvenient, but manageable.
4. You cannot create shortcuts for many of the original iPhone apps such as Phone. But some codes are available for others such as Music and Messages. Simply Google "Cocoppa tutorials" to find these codes.

Pic Stitch

You might laugh at me, but I had no idea how people made those picture collages on Facebook and Instagram. My sister Annabeth is the one who finally enlightened me. Pic Stitch makes creating collages out of your photos extremely easy. Here is one of my favorite ones I have made:

Once you download Pic Stitch, simply choose your layout and tap on the sections to add a photo. You can move the photo around and add filters just like Instagram. Ta da! So pretty.

What apps do you like to use to get "the pretty"?

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