Tuesday, February 11, 2014

For the LOVE of Food!

Note from Megan: In honor of Valentine's Day week, I am sharing how love has affected many facets of my life. It's my Learning About Love series.


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Before Jared and I got married, we went through premarital counseling with our church and Jason, the pastor who ultimately married us. One of the illustrations Jason told us has stuck with me through the past two-and-a-half years. He equates a successful marriage with a full refrigerator.

Um...what? That was my reaction at first, too. But hear me out! In order to stay connected in your marriage, you have to continually fill each other's "refrigerator" with special words and deeds. It lets your spouse know they are special to you. Marriage is a cycle of "wet" and "dry" seasons if you will, so during the dry times, you can live off what is already in your "refrigerator". It's all about investing yourself, people!

One of the things I do to keep my husband's refrigerator full literally has to do with a refrigerator. Jared loves to have someone cook for him. He's actually the best guinea pig ever for new recipes, because he always seems to like what I make.

Of course, he has his favorites. Whenever Jared is going through a stressful time at school or I just feel like spoiling him, I will make him his favorite meals or treats. Two examples:

Jared's nickname in the Walker household is "Cookie Monster" because he LOVES cookies, particularly chocolate chip. One time, I bought some Oreos to make homemade ice cream. I turned around for a second to put away some other groceries and when I looked back, the Oreo bag was open and several cookies were gone! "What the heck???" I said. "I just bought these. I didn't realize there were already cookies gone!"

It turns out, Jared is just a cookie ninja. When I wasn't looking, he snuck a few Oreos. The tell-all chocolate crumbs on his mouth gave him away! COOKIE MONSTER NINJA, y'all!

Before he met me, Jared didn't have the opportunity to eat many "exotic" food such as sushi or curry. These things are now some of his favorite meals, including fresh tuna salad and chicken curry dumplings. The fresh tuna salad is courtesy of Ina Garten, of course! These are also two of my favorite meals, so it works out.

How do you fill your loved one's "refrigerator"?