Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blast from the Past Craft, Tie Blankets

Back in high school, tie blankets were the gift. Each of my grandmothers made me tie blankets, and I treasure them to this day. My siblings also got tie blankets. I love tie blankets because one, they are customizable and two, they are extremely easy to make.

For Christmas this past year, my mom suggested I make my siblings tie blankets. They had both outgrown their tie blankets, and were entering times in their lives where new tie blankets could be useful. My sister will be attending Texas Tech starting fall 2014 (WRECK 'EM!!!!) and my brother started graduate school this spring. I thought it was a great idea!

Tie blankets are very straight forward, but I wanted to see if there was a different method for tying the blanket together. My blankets are knotted, which is fine, but they can be hard to sit on sometimes (first world problems, y'all). So I did a trusty Google search for alternate methods and hit the jackpot. Not only did this site include instructions to make the blankets, it had an innovative method for tying the blanket. Instead of knotting it, you cut a slit in the fabric strips and fold them through the slit. It's difficult to explain, so make sure you read the original post!

I saved this innovative method on my Pinterest and it has become my most re-pinned pin ever!!! I swear, I pinned this back in November, and every day since, I check my email and at least two new people have pinned it. Side note:

With my awesome new tying method, I made blankets for my brother and sister's Christmas presents. My best friend Cheryl (check out her blog here!) suggested I customize the blankets even further by adding their initials. I invented this part of the process as I went.

First, I traced a cursive initial on regular computer paper and cut it out. I then pinned it on scraps of fleece from the blanket and cut it out. Finally, I used Unique Stitch to glue the letter to a corner of the blanket. Lovely! Once Jared saw my sibling's blankets, he wanted one for Christmas as well. Here's how his blanket turned out:

Let me know if you give tie blankets at try!


  1. i love tie blankets! i've never made one but have seen it done. so easy and cute!

    1. You should totally make one! Charlie would love it. My puppy Henry curls up on my husband Jared's blanket all the time.


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