Sunday, January 19, 2014

Skincare Hall of Fame

To round out my Hall of Fame series, here are the products I use every day for skincare. I have combination/oily skin, with the oiliness being primarily in my "T" zone. I used to have pretty bad acne in middle school (who doesn't?), but I fortunately don't get many pimples now.

Skincare Hall of Fame

1. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion/Gel - again, Clinique makes my Hall of Fame for products which directly touch my skin. Clinique customizes its lotions based on your skin type. With combination/oily skin, I actually use the gel instead of the lotion.

This product keeps my face moisturized without any greasiness. I have tried cheaper lotions, and they do NOT work as well!

2. Pond's Cold Cream - this stuff revolutionized my skincare routine. For a long time, I washed my face morning and night with a popular drugstore cleanser because I thought that was what someone with combination/oily skin should do. I couldn't figure out why my skin would get so oily during the day or why I would still get bad breakouts.

Then one day I read an article on Pinterest about gentler methods to wash oily skin, including Pond's Cold Cream. The article said if you continually strip your skin of oil, it will just produce more to compensate. This made perfect sense to me, because my skin was reacting this way to my cleanser. I decided to try Pond's Cold Cream, and I will never go back. I rinse my face with cool water in the morning and use the cold cream at night. I can tell my skin is much happier now that it stays moisturized. I don't turn into an oil slick during the day. And, best of all, my breakouts are minimal. Try this is you have oily skin!!!

3. Burt's Bees Milk & Honey Lotion - the perfect hand lotion is a tricky thing to find. Not only does it have to moisturize, especially in a dry climate like Lubbock, it also must absorb quickly. This lotion fits the criteria and smells amazing. I don't use this as body lotion because it is not quite moisturizing enough for that, but I like to use it on my hands and feet.

4. Clinique Clarifying Lotion - another Clinique product! "Clarifying lotion" is just a fancy term for "toner". This product is essential to my skincare routine. It helps remove any remaining dirt/makeup/oil after I use my cold cream and prepares my skin for moisturizer. It doesn't have harsh alcohol in it like many cheaper toners, so I find it worth the price.

That's it!

What skincare products do you love?