Friday, January 17, 2014

Eyeshadow Application...the Easy Way!

After my Makeup Hall of Fame post, one of my friends requested a tutorial on how to apply eyeshadows from palettes such as the Urban Decay Naked series. I'm no expert, but through experience, reading beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos (the wealth of knowledge out there is incredible!), I have developed an easy formula for applying my eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Formula

The first step to applying eyeshadow beautifully is to have the right tools! Everyone has their own product preferences, so do not feel like you won't be successful if you don't use Urban Decay : ) I included some my favorites, after all! But is IS important to have each of these products in some form. I have linked many of the products I discuss below (not affiliate links), so feel free to do some shopping after you read! : )

1. Eyeshadow Primer - if your eyeshadow creases, fades or is not pigmented (cheaper shadows tend to be this way), then eyeshadow primer will become your best friend. Why do all the work to apply your eyeshadow if it just goes away or creases? My favorite is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer in Eden, but ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer is much cheaper and has rave reviews. Keep in mind these primers last FOREVER since you only need a little product per eye, so you will get your money's worth no matter what.

2. Eyeshadow Brushes - I am guilty of using the brushes eyeshadow comes with, but girls, they just don't cut it. Once you figure out how much more useful eyeshadow brushes are for your makeup routine, you won't go back. AND, because ELF has such affordable brushes, there's no excuse! Just to give you an idea, ELF's studio brushes are usually $3 and very high-quality.

At minimum, I would recommend you have a "C" eyeshadow brush for patting eyeshadow onto your lid and a fluffy blending eyeshadow brush for putting eyeshadow in your crease and blending everything together.

3. Eyeshadow (duh) - as I mentioned in the Makeup Hall of Fame, Urban Decay has dreamy eyeshadows. But if you are uncomfortable spending that much money, there are many dupes (or cheaper makeup with approximate shades) available for the Naked palettes. You can find plenty of options by Googling "Naked palette dupes", but NYX Cosmetics always has highly rated dupes.

Drugstore brands such as Wet 'n Wild and Revlon also have neutral palettes many beauty bloggers love, so if you don't want a huge palette, these are great options. Just make sure your palette includes a light, medium and dark shade.

4. Anatomy of your Eye - sounds weird, right? But it is important to know where your lid, crease and brow bone are located, because many tutorials will mention these areas. Here is a larger picture of the diagram I included above:

And now my easy formula for everyday wear...using the "C" eyeshadow brush, I add the LIGHT shade on my lid, under my eyebrow and in the inner corner (tear duct). This opens up my eyes and makes them look brighter.

Next, I use the blending brush in a swiping motion to add the MEDIUM shade to my crease and outer lid. This adds definition and dimension to our look. Blend well!

Finally, I use the blending brush again tap the DARK shade onto the outer corner to add further definition. Again, blend well!

Let me know how these products and technique works for you!