Friday, December 20, 2013

What are Your Christmas Traditions?

With Christmas only FIVE days away, I found myself thinking about the traditions which make this holiday so special. It doesn't quite feel like Christmas to me without these traditions, though I am learning to expand my horizons thanks to Jared's wonderful family! Here's what my family, the Yeary's, does to celebrate the holiday:

- We attend the late-night Christmas Eve service. One of the most magical scenes I have ever witnessed is the lighting of Christmas candles while we sing Silent Night at the end of this service.

- We eat huevos rancheros for Christmas morning breakfast. If you haven't eaten huevos rancheros (and I am sorry for you), they are over medium eggs on a crispy tortilla with homemade salsa. SO DELISH.

- After breakfast on Christmas morning, we open our stockings! Even our puppies get one.

- We open presents one-by-one, youngest to oldest. I think it's fun watching what other people get and seeing their reactions to the gifts I got them Plus, it makes the gifts you waited so long for last longer!

- Growing up, my parents bought my siblings and me a Hallmark ornament every year for Christmas. When I moved out of the house, my mom gave me these ornaments. It is wonderful to look at each one and remember the Christmas I received it. The tree at my apartment isn't coordinated, but I could care less. I love the sentimental stuff!

- Speaking of ornaments, my parents have a Baby Jesus ornament I adored growing up. My Barbies used to adopt him whenever he would come out of the box : ) To me, Christmas decorating hasn't begun until I put Baby Jesus in his place on the tree. Jesus is the reason for the season, after all!

Now that I have started my own family, Jared and I have a tradition we started! We open our gifts to each other a day or two before we leave to celebrate Christmas with family. It gets us in the holiday spirit and lets us enjoy a special moment together.

What are your favorite traditions? Let me know!